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Site Evaluation

You may need to have your site evaluated if you are platting or subdividing land. Before approving a plat, most local units of governments will require that you identify two sites on each lot and set them aside for on-site sewage treatment systems.

Another reason for a site evaluation is when you want to purchase a property and plan to build a home or business on it. Even if your local laws do not require it, a site evaluation should be conducted before purchasing the property to be sure that the soils are suitable and adequate area exists for primary and alternate septic sites. It’s also recommended that the property lines be surveyed and marked out in the field so you can easily identify all boundary lines and easements if any exist. Also checking with the local unit of government if any restrictions exist on the property would be highly advised.

Before starting C.W. Lunser, Co., Clayton worked for a registered land surveyor. With over 10 years in the surveying profession and 28 years of experience in on-site sewage treatment, Clayton will make sure the platting process will move forward without a hitch!

Contact Clayton for all your on-site sewage treatment needs.
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I like knowing what options are open to me once I decide to move forward with my building project. Clayton’s expertise will help me with this and more!