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Compliance Inspection For Existing Systems

Planning to sell your home or business property? Great, but what if your septic system is found to be out of compliance? To avoid last-minute delays or completely losing a sale, we highly recommend that a septic system inspection be conducted as soon as your property is listed for sale.

Septic compliance inspections are usually required for property transfers when an on-site sewage treatment system exists. They may also be required to obtain a permit for a home/property improvement project. With over 28 years of experience, Clayton will make your transaction or project proceed as smoothly as possible by providing a certificate of inspection in a timely manner.

The certificate of compliance inspection is good for three years in most areas, so even if your property doesn’t sell, another compliance inspection will usually not be needed. If your septic system is out of compliance, Clayton can provide timely quotes to either upgrade your existing septic system or replace it if needed.

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C.W. Lunser can also collect water samples to be tested by state certified labs for drinking water quality. That’s good to know!