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Mound Alternatives

New technologies give you the opportunity to enjoy the advantages of advanced treatment products, depending on local ordinances. If you own a lot with limited space or disturbed soils, you may wish to avoid a mound system. An outstanding alternative is a system that will function much longer than a conventional system – an advanced treatment septic system.

Benefits of Advanced Septic Systems

  • Less separation distance from the seasonal high water table is allowed. Therefore, a mound system may not be required.
  • The footprint of the final dispersal area may be able to be downsized.
  • Less impact on the lot, such as saving trees.
  • Downsized dispersal areas may allow setbacks to wells, lakes, property lines, etc. to be maintained.
  • May be an option to bring back to life a struggling drain field or bring into compliance a drain field that fails separation distance from the seasonal high water table.
  • The lifespan of systems that utilize advanced treatment are much longer that conventional systems.

When taking advantage of new technologies, the product manufacturer and the local unit of government will usually require that the system be monitored and maintained by a licensed professional usually annually or biannually. Contact us to conduct operation and maintenance on such septic systems.

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Note to Self

Advanced systems last much longer than conventional systems! Remember to ask Clayton for a cost comparison.