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New Construction Compliance Inspection

Clayton is also licensed to inspect new septic systems and providing a certificate of compliance for property owners and local units of governments that wish to hire private companies to conduct their septic system inspections.

Also, property owners or contractors may wish to have Clayton inspect and oversee the installation of their new septic system from beginning to end to make sure the system is installed according to state and local codes. It is crucial the inspector makes sure proper installation procedures are used, soil conditions are adequate, designed specs are met, and material specs and quantities are installed. Clayton will make sure the system is installed correctly and you are getting exactly what you paid for. Most government inspectors don’t have the staff or the time to conduct a thorough inspection. Whether you’re looking for someone to inspect a new septic system or an existing one, Clayton is well equipped to supply all your inspection needs.

Contact Clayton for all your on-site sewage treatment needs.
Phone: 320-248-2262 * or email from the contact page.

C. W. Lunser Co., Inc.

The goal of the C. W. Lunser Company is to develop a good working relationship with the client and to provide a top quality service.


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Note to Self

Wow! Even though my local unit of government conducts an inspection, it is very limited. Clayton’s inspection will give me way more peace of mind!